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Cover of book. Girl hold a torch. Wolf stands beside her. They are looking at a monster. The title of the book is What Used to be Texas.

What Used to be Texas

The first book in the new series!
It’s been five years since The Fall and the world has changed.
Each day is a struggle to survive. And there are other things.
Human experiments. Mutated monsters. Covered-up murders.
But the one thing they refuse to lose . . . is hope.
Suitable for adults and young adults.
Praise for What Used to be Texas"I highly recommend this book."
"This is a brilliant read. Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start."
". . . read it, you won't regret it."

Cover of book. Teenage boy looks at a water monster. His knife is stuck in monster. Title is What Used to be Arkansas by Maira Dawn.

Fractured World

Friends and Enemies. Life and Death.
Happy to be settled into a community, the last thing Molly wants is to jeopardize her place there. To find peace at her new home, she keeps the abilities forced upon her by a madman a secret. But when dear friends go missing, Molly’s hidden strengths may be necessary to find them.
Axel led his band of orphans to safety. With the help of his friend, Wolf, they have taught them how to stay safe and survive. Yet their lives are threatened once more when a shark-like monster shows up in their part of the river. To keep his people alive, Axel must find a way to defeat the ravenous beast.For the sake of those they hold dear, Molly and Axel travel farther in this new world than ever before.
Cruel betrayals.
Clan Kings who rule with iron fists.
Creatures who defy the imagination.
What Molly and Axel find on their quest could be their salvation… or their doom.
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Post-apocalyptic Thriller with a twist

Sanctuary's Aggression by Maira Dawn.
An 8-book series.

Eight books with different covers. Sanctuary's Aggression Series by Maira Dawn

A deadly virus forces Skye to flee her home. A therapist, her first thought is for her “kids”—especially the mistreated Jesse.
Can she save him?
She knows nothing about prepping or survival training. She isn’t even sure who to trust.
Dylan Cole? Maybe. If she can figure him out.
Stranded on a desolate stretch of road, Skye must decide.
The right decision will mean her survival.
The wrong one and she will become the next victim of the virus.
Suitable for adults and young adults.
Praise for Sanctuary's Aggression“Absolutely Wonderful! I loved this entire series so much.
Two different worlds, but it melds together perfectly.
Following this author for sure.”
“Well done, Maira Dawn… well done.
You are my new favorite author now. I can’t wait for your next series.”

Currently in Development

What Used to be Louisiana

With book 2, What Used to be Arkansas available, I'm hard at work on book 3!This continuation of What Used to be Series will include our main characters, Molly and Anjulie.Along with Axel and his friends as they meet their biggest challenge yet.If you want to follow each chapter as the story is created, and help me make some critical decisions in the story, you can do so at Kindle Vella.If you wish to wait for the ebook or paperback, they will arrive in the early spring.
Suitable for adults and young adults.

Short Story for Postapocalyptic Media

I'm excited to announce that Postapocalyptic Media has asked me to be part of a new anthology! My short story will feature a popular character--Wolf--from What Used to be Arkansas. It is titled Beyond The Walls.This anthology, entitled Through The Aftermath, featuring 19 authors, is now released.You can find it in ebook, paperback, and hardcover at Amazon by clicking the link below.

Skylan Publishing House

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